Abraham Attah to start peace project

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    Abraham Attah to start peace project

    attends the 'Beasts Of No Nation' Photocall during the 72nd Venice Film Festival on September 3, 2015 in Venice, Italy.
    attends the ‘Beasts Of No Nation’ Photocall during the 72nd Venice Film Festival on September 3, 2015 in Venice, Italy.


    Ghanaian Hollywood award-winning young actor, Abraham Attah, has called on the British High Commissioner to Ghana, H.E. Jon Benjamin, to show appreciation for the Commission’s assistance during his travel and also discuss his upcoming project.

    The project dubbed “Abraham Attah Ghana Summit,” will focus on youth motivation and majorly chart a peace course among the youth and the various political parties in Ghana towards the upcoming election.

    According to Abraham Attah, his experience in the Hollywood movie-Beasts of No Nation-gave him the picture of what a war is.

    “My role as a child soldier in Beast of No Nation gave me a picture of a conflict zone. I got scared after watching the full movie and that has encouraged me to embark on the Peace and Youth focus agenda,” he said.

    British High Commissioner, H.E. Jon Benjamin, was glad to meet Abraham Attah.

    He further mentioned the commitment of the High Commission in support for peace in Ghana before, during and after the general elections.

    H.E. Jon Benjamin advised Abraham Attah to continue his works and encouraged him to take his education seriously.

    Abraham Attah Ghana Summit is an upcoming project to be held in Ghana ahead of the general elections in Ghana on November 7.

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